• Mexican Tile Stickers (94.5mm sq.)

    Mexican style Tile Stickers. Gorgeous Mexican style design printed on matt white, marine grade, permanent self-adhesive, 60 micron waterproof film, with a 140gsm kraft back.


    94.5 mm, 9.45cm or slightly smaller than 4" square with a 1.5mm white border

    • Sticker Information

      The marine grade, permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive has been rigorously tested for BS5609 compliance which means that it has been immersed and tested for 3 months in salt water at mid-tide.

      The robust polyester face film is;

      • Waterproof
      • Greaseproof
      • Tearproof
      • Chemical resistant
      • Wipeable
      • Instant dry - ready to use straight from the printer
      • Tolerant to fluctuations in temperatures - can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°c to 80°c
    • Recommendations

      1. Clean area thoroughly before application
      2. Use on tiled or similarly smooth surfaces only
      3. They will not stick to silicone bath sealant so please be sure to make your tiles are clear of any silicone remnants.



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