Home-made Advent Calendar

I had no intention of making an advent calendar this year. At least not until I walked in to Tiger yesterday and saw this paper and these tags.

You can do it too...

All you need is:

- A large coat-hanger. Either a slightly fancy one, or you could fancy one up with a bit of tinsel perhaps.

- Some teeny-tiny fairy lights. Like these from Amazon

- Small chocolates, like... very small. Or other small gifts

- String

- Clear sticky tape

- Some random Chistmassy bits and bobs to hang, tiny baubles, etc.

How to do it...

1. Start by securing the battery end of the lights to the hook of the coat-hanger.

2. Tie varying lengths of string to the main length of the coat-hanger.

3. Attach tags, baubles and other festive lovelies at this point too.

4. Wrap up 24 tiny gifts and then attach them to the ends of the strings (with sticky tape or maybe tiny pegs).

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