Winter Wonderland - London

For a small family from the country, this was an utterly breathtaking experience. It’s about the size of the town we’re from and if you ever dreamt of a winter based theme park as a kid - this place is waaaaay better.

There are roller-coasters galore, multiple carousels, fun houses (not a bit like the one at your local fair), tea cups, whirly things and more food stalls and win-a-toy stands than you can shake a stick at.

There were also lots of market stalls selling all sorts of Christmas treats such as; hand-made glass decorations, jewellery, hats and scarves, all of it!

Not to mention all of the pop up pubs and restaurants on offer. Every flavour of crepe, waffle and donut you've ever desired. Thousands and thousands of sweet and candyfloss stalls.

We had so much fun just walking around and taking it all in. We’d definitely go back, in a heartbeat!

Top tips:

1 - Sign up to Travelodge’s email list and check out their deals. We got a family room, with a cot, for 2 nights for £39.

We were a 10 minute drive from North Ealing tube, park for £2 a day at the weekend, 30/40 min on Piccadilly line, straight in to Piccadilly Circus itself.

2 - Take plenty of cash, there are cash points in Winter Wonderland but they charge £3 per withdrawal. Having said that, you can buy the tokens for the rides using a card. It's free to get in but quite pricey once you are.

3 - If you’re going as a family, get there early and get out before the masses descend for the evening. It’s very busy anyway so when more people arrive after work, etc. it can probably get quite unbearable, quite quickly. Especially with buggies and small children.

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