5 Must Have Wedding Details

Discover some small but essential details which can make your wedding even more magical.

When it comes to wedding planning, small details go a long way. It’s these finer flourishes that not only help to add a level of class to the décor and the occasion itself, but often live longest in the memories of your guests.

With this in mind, we thought we’d help you with a little inspiration and guidance so you can save your thoughts for all the other aspects involved in wedding planning.

Directions and Signage

If your reception or ceremony is taking place at a large venue, signage is essential. However, instead of simply printing off a piece of A4 and laminating it, let’s think outside the box and get creative.

For instance, a chalkboard sign would provide a nice rustic and traditional feel. Just make sure you get someone with nice handwriting to write the directions down, or you could have some confused guests on your hands!

Another alternative for adult only weddings is to scatter multiple wooden signs around the venue and accompany it with small alcoholic drink samples. Your signs could display a quirky message like a ‘drink for the road’, or something to ‘wet your whistle for the journey ahead’.

The options are endless, but the key here is in the messaging. Poems or small pictures of family, friends and the married couple can turn a few signs into an epic adventure for the guests.

Custom Puzzles

For younger guests, providing engaging activities can help keep them entertained.

Contrado allows you to create your own customised giant puzzles from only £22.00. Make one for every table with an image of those guests and scatter the pieces to make it a challenge. This is a great way to make them feel special and involved in the big day.

If you’re on a tighter budget, try creating a large one for everyone to get involved with. You could give every guest a piece of the puzzle, with the end picture revealing a touching message or an image of the bride and groom.

Jenga Guest Book

Another creative way to add some fun to the day’s proceedings is to have your very own Jenga style guest book. Hobbycraft sells 72 giant blocks for only £18.00, (which is a steal!). Then invite guests to try and remove a block and write their very own message on there.

To make it extra unique, ask them to write a ‘top tip for marriage’ or their ‘fondest memory spent with the bride and groom’.

Hanky Box

It won’t only be the bride and groom crying, so go the extra mile and provide a hanky box at the ceremony for guests who shed a tear of joy.

A nice little sign stating what they are attached to a box will do the job. You can find some wonderful wedding handkerchiefs from only £8.00 at Extra Special Touch.

Save the Date Magnets

Save the date cards are a great way to remind your guests of the big day. After all, with so many distractions to contend with, it’s vital you give the forgetful ones a helping reminder nearer to the time.

However, if you want to be a little different, try sending a save the date magnet instead. It not only gives your wedding guests a nice memento of the special occasion, but it’s also a much safer option for the people who accidentally throw away important pieces of mail.

A save the date magnet can sit pretty on your guests’ fridges and serve as a gentle reminder every time they look for a snack. And if they’re anything like us, that’ll be a lot of times!

Here at Swoon at the Moon, we offer a huge range of save the date magnets starting from only £1.50. You can take a look here.

We hope this quick list helped. For more wedding inspiration, take a look at our other blog posts.

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