alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery

by Swoon at the Moon

Alice in Wonderland is our quirky, fun wedding stationery range based on the original book by Lewis Carroll.

Using the famous John Tenniel illustrations, we've created a beautiful range for you & your big day!

All your Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations are digitally printed on premium cards and papers and are fully customisable for design, colour and wording.

We've done our best to break down buying stationery down in to the categories below




Save the Dates


plus Extras


Order of Service

Order of the Day

Table Plan


Table Plan

Table Plan Cards


Place Cards


Table Names/No's

plus Extras

Thank You


Thank You Cards

how to order


Choose the available options for size, finish and amount. 


Email to tell us your; names, dates, times & venues. Then we’ll send you with some digital proofs within a couple of days.


You can then suggest as many amendments as you need.


Sit back and relax!
We'll get them to you in about a week, deal?

alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery


Get all your potential guests inspired and excited about your big day with our Alice in Wonderland Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations.

Start your stationery journey with the gentle nudge of a Save the Date and carry on with all the glorious details included on your Invitations.

Save the Dates | single sided

A6 Card

from 10 @ £2.50 each - 150 @ 62p each

A7 Magnet

from 10 @ £6.50 each - 150 @ £1.37 each

A6 Magnet

from 10 @ £5.00 each - 150 @ £1.57 each

invitations | double sided

A6 Card

from 10 @ £3.00 each - 150 @ 80p each

5" x 7" Card

from 10 @ £3.00 each - 150 @ £1.27 each

alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery

Pre-Wedding extras

Let your guests know how to confirm they're coming, where the local hotels and B&Bs are, directions, taxi companies, make it hard for them to say no! Then wrap it all in the loveliness of Belly Bands and Envelopes Liners.

belly band | single sided

to wrap A6 Card Invitation

from 50 @ £25 - 150 @ £50

to wrap 5" x 7" Card Invitation

from 50 @ £25 - 150 @ £50

inserts | single sided


from 10 @ £2.25 each - 150 @ 60p each

inserts | double sided


from 10 @ £2.50 each - 150 @ 77p each

Env Liner | single sided

to line A6 Envelope

Download £1 - We can print & stick these for you too!

to line 5" x 7" Envelope

as above!

RSVP | single sided

118mm x 85mm

from 10 @ £2.50 each - 150 @ 58p each

RSVP | single sided


from 10 @ £2.50 each - 150 @ 62p each

RSVP | double sided


from 10 @ £2.50 each - 150 @ 80p each


alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery


For the briefest of moments on your wedding day, it will feel like it's only you 2, that no-one else matters. And quite frankly, no-one else does matter at this point! However, keep them in the loop with what's going on during the service; important moments, hymn words, readings (for people to decipher your sister while she's doing her best NOT to cry through it), directions and a cast list are all vital points for a good Order of Service. 

We can also do an Order of the Day Card for less formal days and celebrations.

order of service | 4 page


from 50 @ £87.50 - 150 @ £150

5" x 7"

from 50 @ £137.50 - 150 @ £262.50

Order of service | 8 page


from 50 @ £162.50 - 150 @ £262.50

5" x 7"

from 50 @ £225 - 150 @ £400


alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery

Table Plan

When your guests walk into the reception venue, the first thing they're going to think is "Wow, check this place out, it looks amazing!". Secondly, they're gonna want to know where to sit. Tell them in style and on theme with our amazing Table Plan options.

table plan | poster

16" x 20"




table plan | pvc Board



Table PLan Card | single sided

A6 Card

from 10 @ £30 - 30 @ £45


alice in wonderland Wedding Stationery

reception essentials

So... if they've seen their name on the Table Plan - they're going to need to know which table is which... et voila!!! Table Names and Numbers!

When they get to the table, they'll need to know where they're sitting - I know - needy aren't they? :) Place Cards! These can include people's full names, menu choices and any other info you need on them.

And what they're eating. They will have forgotten if you've told them already - guaranteed. Menus!